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Knowledge management system

Continuous training and development of the staff

Company knowledge management system


Craftsmen and apprentices

Digital economy is the knowledge economy.

In industrial age companies with better equipment, well-established logistics and technological lines were the most successful. In the modern world only those will win who can create a team of smart and miscellaneous peole.

Smart employees are always seeking for the constant development and active participation in projects. They do not like routine work and stagnation.

Do you encourage your staff to develop? Which staff development programm is implemented at your company?

Education system is inseparably connected with the knowledge management - those who are involved in the sphere of microbusiness often do not take into account the fact that a team of 10 well-educated and skilled people can cooperate much more efficiently than the uneducated ones. Microbusiness is the very sphere which requires knowledge and skills of every single employee.




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