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Efficient microbusiness management.

Engineering, development and prompt introduction

of simple and efficient management systems for microbusiness



Microbusiness management systems must be:

easy to use;

contain brief key necessary information;

have the simple and clear interface;



Development and introduction stages for management systems in microbusiness.


STAGE 1 - setting the goal we want to reach. Why are we introducing the Management system?

Example: We want to create an idea management system which will allow us develop quickly and efficiently, generate new ideas and improve our microbusiness.

STAGE 2 - decide of which units the system will consist and which target groups will use this or that unit...

Example: Idea management system will consist of 4 units:

Module 1
Module 2
module 3
Module 4
Module 5

STAGE 3 - a brief and sequent working with every unit (engineering, coding, designing, adjustment, stafftrainig, introduction), beginning with the first unit.

3.1. For every user (e.g. Idea generators) which data he will enter and receive from the system. The incoming and outcoming data

3.2. Interface modeling (users's screens) for every user

3.3. Database coding for the unit. If necessary, connection with the previous unit is possible.

3.4. Interface development, designing

3.5. Training the staff to use the system.

Showing every unit to the staff

STAGE 4. - System testing during several months, feedback testing. If necessary, mprovement of the feedback is possible.



Friemaxx. Microbusiness authorization. Quickly-introduced management systems.