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Management system for manufacture, projects and tasks.

For example, the system which the Friemaxx team, introduced at a small electrotechnic plant .

Engineering, development and introduction of the management system for the machine-building plant.

The system is divided into several units. Here are some of them:

1. The "Orders management" module -

Who is the Customer? What is he ordering? What is the degree of completeness of the current order?

What was delievered to the Customer? When are the goods to be shipped? What else does the Customer need?

2. The "Materials, Parts, Technical processes" module -

The common data on all parts, technical processes, materials.

What materials are necessary to product a Part and what Operations are to be carried out and with the use of what equipment?

3. The Warehouse System. "Parts and the commercial off-the-shelfs"

The data on available parts. The parts reservation for a particular order.

Which parts do we lack?

When developing such a system we should base on the source of information - Customer's orders and after that we contact him again having a end product.

Modern manufacture management systems cover the whole wwork cycle, including bookkeeping, engineering and technological bureaus, assembly and tool workshops, however anyway the highest priority must be set for the data concerning the customers and degree of orders readiness.


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