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Management system "Idea generation, sorting, evaluation and realization"

The "Idea generation" module

Various idea generation methods can be found in the Internet.

The brain storm allows genereate a dosen of ideas concerning some particular problem.

The crowdsourcing method allows generation of a million of ideas every day with the use of social networks.

In real life most of the companies and people often stumble upon Idea generation, being unable to make the ideas serve. What they have is just an unmanaged chaotic working with ideas.

The "Idea filtering" module at this stage ideas undergo pre-filtering (fit / unfit). It involves filters (a set of filters), which allow selection of several ideas for further improvements.

The "Idea evaluation and improvement" module

The most serious stage. The best offered ideas are selected. The ideas are evaluated by the experts. If necessary, they undergo further improvements.

The "Idea introduction" module

Then a certain employee or team is assigned to be responsible for realization of chosen idea. Afterwards a rough plan is drawn.


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