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Customer relationship management. CRM

crm -  customer relationship management

Have no time to answer calls? You can easily know what customer your employee contacted with and what they agreed about?

An entrepreneur with the use of a computer can easily deal with lots of customers using CRM systems

Any CRM-system is a chain of events connected with this or that customer:

Event 1 (acquaintance) ---> Event 2 (presentation of goods, services, agreement signing) ---> Event 3 (Project realization, service rendering) ---> further relations.

If to describe the CRM-system in details The CRM-system can contain the following tables:


Customers: (Data on customers, contact details)

telephone number detailed data on the customer

Customer 2 telephone number detailed data on the customer

Customer 3 telephone number detailed data on the customer

Customer N
Company name
Contact person
Telephone number
Dysonsphere Ltd.
William Olaf
2Jupiter str, 8
111 11 12
Ringworld Ltd.
Lawrence Niven
23Hindmost Blvd, 5
222 22 32
Asgard Ltd.
Ask Thor
Planet Orilla
333 33 33

Table of events: (in this table data on events are storaged)

Event 1: the meeting, the call, agreement signing, Customer's notes

Event date 1


Agreed on:

Next event date:


Event 2

Event date 2


Agreed on:

Next event date:


Table of projects (this table contains information on the current condition of any project (degree of readiness), current tasks (completed / uncompleted, assigned staff), current financial condition of the project (paid and unpaid fees))

More advanced companies enter more detailed data into the system.

Such an option is good for:

- whole sale trading companies,

- long lasting projects.


CRM-system allows answer the following questions:

How to phone to the Customer Smith? When did the last meeting with Mr. Johnson take place? What is the degree of readiness of the project? Are the fees paid? Was the presentation of our goods successful? What was important for the Customers? What are conditions of the contract?

Theoretically one can develop own non-standard CRM for microbusiness, taking into account peculiarities and workstyle of the staff.


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