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Exclusive projects.



Expanded description of the project and business-plan can be found here >>>

e-MUROMETS - Online-Business-Incubator for disabled hildren and adults.

The project is managed by: Kotelnickov Vadim - сесsi.ru.

Senior assistant: Vasyanin Alexander - friemaxx.ru.

Three age groups:

6-10 y.o. - creative abilities;

10-16 y.o. - development of communicativity and participation in projects;

16 y.o. and elder - participation in serious projects and development of own internet-business.

The main purposes of the incubator "Е-Муромец" are as follows:

- assist in business-modeling and offer the opportunity to modify the business-model and monitor theresults of activity online;

- give the opportunity to apply skills and habits for disabled people and help them live more interesting and full life.


Umanell "Know and Understand".

(the project is being developed)

The Pyramid of knowledge.

The project manager: Vasyanin Alexander.

The individual educational approach.

The educational process can be structurized and и monitored without assistance of a teacher.

Applicative knowledge, which can be used in real life.

The pass/fail system.

Online education without teacher.

The pupil can control what and when he studies and passes exams.


Online incubator for microbusines

Digital incubator for microbusiness.

(the project is being developed "Beta-testing")


Launch your microbusiness in 15 minutes. Mark Targets and Act!


Couple matcher (the project is being developed)

The Online-Project for the quick search of a spouse.


Zelenovka - Innovative ecological village for engineers.

(the project is being developed)

the manager of the project: Alexander Vasyanin.

Incubator for simple solutions to the difficult problems.

The team of enterprising engineers, entrepreneurs, physicists, programmers, biologists, living a merry and sober life.

Development of unique and simple projects in the sphere of information technologies and education.

Commercial Research and Development Center. Robots. Multimedia. Optics. Acoustics. New sources of energy and materials.

Friemaxx. Digital incubator for microbusiness. Modeling, prompt decision-taking and project management.