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Friemaxx. Co-operation of digital microbusinesses.

Every team has its own microbuiness and renders typical services (latin dances, Courses of foreign languages for children and adults, translations, professional photo, development of web-sites and their improvement, creation of videoclips , development of CRMs)

Launch your microbusiness

Small business modeling and management. www.friemaxx.ru

The young entrepreneur's dictionary.

Management systems for microbusiness.

The Online Digital Incubator for IT Microbusiness.



Agency for technical translations

www.maxxdigroup.ru -MaxxDiGroup, the Agency for technical and economical translations.

In the year 2007 we opened MaxxDiGroup, translation agency. We have more than 300 translators. Nowadays we carry out economical and technical high-volume translations. There are large Swiss, German, Dutch nd Russian companies among our customers.


www.mdg-volga.ru Development and continuous improvement of all elements of Your Web-site.

Since 2005 we have launched more than 100 web-projects and rendered small companies a sufficient asiistance in searching for the customers.


Photography for business

www.photo-for-business.com Photo for business and foto-e.ru portrait-photos and corporative photos.

Eugene Petrov devoted 20 years to the art of photography.

Our friend and partner who is keeping his talant in secret from the people, surrounding him.


The courses of business English and English for childrenin Cheboksary

SVAN Business English courses in Cheboksary delivered by Svetlana Vasyanina.


Being an Incubator and co-operation of microbusinesses we are a living evidence of the fact that one can:

Frimaxx. The Digital incubator for microbusiness. Modeling, prompt decision-taking and project management.