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Games for entrepreneurs. Active business modeling.

Business-Games are something like a trainer which can help you:

- develop new professional skills and knowledge;

- understand the business world more deeply;

- try their hand in strategy and tactics, be an employee or a Customer;

- simulate strategies and tactics of running the business;
- test some certain situations;

- draw a sound business-plan;

- find yourself an enthusiastic player without risking to lose nothing;



Business-Games are a simulation of a real situation in the sphere of economy, which allow the player choose the options and take decisions, improving his skills to analyze and think promptly.

The game allows understand peculiarities of management and feel the spirit of entrepreneurship.

In some games can participate both one and several players from the different countries of the world. Your ompetitors and rivals are the real people, which makes the game itself more interesting and less predictable.

Nowadays everybody knows about the games for future investors "Rat race" or "Cash flow" by Robert Kiyosaki, "Monopoly", "Business-mania" etc. All of them have become the revolutionary product of the age and acquired the world-around fame. These games are mostly purposed for development of thinking of an investor. However they do not allow understand what lies behind the process in the world of business.

We offer the games for for entrepreneurs.

Business-games are an active simulation of business.



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