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The young entrepreneur's dictionary Webinares, ideo-guides for young entrepreneurs
Dreams, wishes Управление целями Генерация идей Modeling Planning Project management Results - Actions
Business-games for entrepreneurs Management Systems for microbusiness
How to take decisions promptly and develop own microbusiness with the use of the simple models, drawings and tools.

For those who has not started yet:

The young entrepreneur's dictionary - the basic illustrated definitions.

What to begin with? How to come up with an idea! How to come to the first result with this Idea?

Idea. Model. Action. Result.

The primary and the secondary tasks. Dealing with the Customers and Order fulfillment.

Crude modeling and prompt decision-taking.


For beginning entrepreneurs:

Microbusiness hatchery.

How to hold on and keep the chin up when failing, which is inevitable in the world of business?

How to develop efficiently?

How to draw the model of the future project?

How to improve relations with employees, customers and partners with the use of drawings?

Where to search for the Customers? How to fulfill the project promptly?

How to find the matter of the heart and solve the problem quickly?

How to make the right choice in the difficult situation?

How to find the partners and develop cooperation?

How to find the time for leisure?



Management Systems and microbusiness automation

Idea generation, selection, evaluation and monitoring of their realization;

Cooperation management;

Customer relation management;

Task and project management;

Employees' education and development management.


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